Trekking In Wayanad

Want to experience the awesomeness of hilly stations? Let’s have a trip to Wayanad where we can experience the inexperienced feel of a hilly region that is different from the regular charm of Hill Stations.


Wayanad is a hilly district that is quite different from the regular Hill Stations. In Wayanad trekking, there is no long linear route present. Wayanad trekking offers small trails that can be finished in just one day, and some last for a few hours. You will be excited to trek across the non-linear routes along Wayanad. Although this may not seem exciting enough, you will be surprised at the challenges you come across while trekking in Wayanad. While some areas have gentler slopes allowing even amateurs to the peak, certain others require experience and a better understanding of the terrain before hitting the trails. There are so many packages for trekking in Wayanad.
Trekking in Wayanad offers a diverse trekking trail. However, some are really popular and has arranged multiple trekking expeditions there. We have listed down the most popular ones below:


The Chembra Peak Trekking

This is the best place where you can explore your passion to trek along the tallest of the Wayanad hills that is at a height of 6,900 feet. This is a popular choice for trekking among adventurists travelling across Wayanad, as it is considerably well known and safe as the district forest office keeps a close watch with their guides. They also offer trekking equipments on rent for tourists. You will be met with a feast of green meadows while you trek towards the Chembra peak. The slopes at the feet of the peak are quite steep which takes a different shape as the trekker moves upwards. The trekker treks across 7 hills before he finally reaches Chembra and usually it takes around 3 hours if the trekker is an expert. . It takes some time for a trekker to adjust to the terrain but once he does, the rest is cakewalk. The lush green slopes of the Chembra hill are rich in flora and fauna. Blessed with natural beauty, a trek along the slopes of this hill will provide you an opportunity to witness unprecedented natural beauty. The popular Hridaya Sara’s (heart shaped lake) is located along Chembra where you can camp at night.

Best Season: September to February
Trek Distance:  9 kms
Difficulty Level: Easy

The Pakshipathalam Trekking

Pakshipathalam has a height of 1,740 meters above sea level and stands out as quite a challenging location for those tourists who are looking for adventure and fun during trekking in Wayanad. You will be met with deep caves, thick rock blocks and wild forests during your trekking. In order to reach the top you will have to travel for 16 km. Pakshipathalam is near the Brahmagiri hills, but unlike the latter Pakshipathalam has gentler slopes and is a pretty much easy terrain to climb. With spectacularly beautiful surroundings, the hill offers great opportunities for photography. If you are a cave exploring enthusiast, you would also want to check out the ones at Chembra hill.  The caves are a bit too narrow for comfortable passage and require a lot of agility.

Best Season: November to April
Trek Distance: 17 kms
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The Banasura Trekking

This trek takes you to the top of Banasura Hill, is the second highest mountain in the Wayanad. The trekking is filled with mysticism and is moderately difficult. It is located at an elevation of 6,801 feet. As is evident, the hill is named after the mythical character Banasura.

The Banasura Hill is not an easy place to trek as it has given grief to many an experienced trekker. The steep slopes, knee high weeds and rocks blocking the path; Banasura hill presents a tough terrain which can deter many determined trekkers who have proved their mettle on a Wayanad trek. Once you reach the top you will be amazed at the sight of the Banasura sagar dam and the misty peaks of the surrounding hills. It is advisable to stock yourself with enough water before going for a trek on the mighty Banasura Hill.

Best Season: October to May
Trek Distance: 12 kms
Difficulty Level: Difficult

The Brahmagiri Peak

The trek takes you to the top of the Brahmagiri peak for a wonderful scenic view of the entire landscape around the Brahmagiri hill. Just in case you forget, make sure that you take a camera with you to immortalize the view. The trek along the Brahmagiri slope is an enjoyable experience of trekking in Wayanad. The hill presents a mesmerizing view of the surroundings from its slopes. You will come across pretty little streams where you can take a break before continuing on your journey uphill. The slope can get quite steep towards the peak, but the vista that awaits you at the summit will wipe out all memories of the arduous journey. The only peak that is higher than the Brahmagiri summit is that of the Chembra peak and you can see it once you reach the top.

The grass laden slopes of the nearby mountains, the clouds hovering beneath your feet and the beautiful sky that stoops down into the horizon will make you feel on top of the world, literally!

Best Season: November to February
Trek Distance: 9 kms
Difficulty Level: Medium to Difficult


Come lets Explore the adventurous trekking at Wayanad……

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